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Welcome to what WaS

Mark Tulin and I were collecting ideas and songs for our last adventure when he went through the door. I am not sure he is really gone because I hear his voice as clearly as if he were standing beside me. Usually Mark and I would send each other song ideas back and forth until we had the rough story line and music in hand, then we would meet and pound everything into submission.

This CD is a collection of those final ideas and messages between us and that is all we set out to present here; but a funny thing happened on the way to the recording studio. A new idea emerged behind a gig in Tokyo in an unusual snowstorm, and then someone sneezed on a girl in the subway, and a frozen winter chilled the planet; suddenly there were new thoughts, fresh ideas and new places to sketch our story in song, and a new video. Everyone in the band felt it. Like a blast of energy. The "was" became "is". We invite you to "be" with us, in a sonic way, and enjoy WaS!

James Lowe


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