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Electric Prunes Return to Stockholm Live albun

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PruneTwang Music, 1998

ARTIFACT is the first Electric Prunes studio album after a gap of over thirty years! The album features the original band members (James Lowe, Ken Williams, Mark Tulin, Quint) and a few guests, including Moby Grape's Peter Lewis. This is the musical reunion of band members returning to the studio just to have some fun.

This is a popular demand special release ARTIFACT burned copy. This release has been long sought after the CD EDITION sold out. You get the complete CD disc, with artwork to recreate the original CD package yourself.

SPECIAL BONUS: This special edition ARTIFACT CD disc is signed by at least one original band member!

1    Lost Dream
2    7 and 7 Is
3    Big Stick
4    Dream I Had Last Night
5    Bullet Thru The Backseat
6    Phone Won't Ring
7     All About Wires
8     Devil's Candy
9     Analog Life
10   Mujo 22
11   Castaway
12   Le Fire
13   Halloween Ending
14   Hard Time
15   Slobodon