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California 66 Tour Edition

2009 Everything was set for an East Coast tour with the Electric Prunes, Sky Saxon, and Love. A few weeks before the tour was to start the shattering news came: Sky Saxon had passed away.

This collectable tour CD was made for a tour that never happened. Some dates were fulfilled but the idea of the 60’s bands combining forces was not to be. With a triple fold cover with cool liners on each band and 3 songs from each group (most cuts are live versions), this album will be rare.

1    You Never Had It Better - Electric Prunes
2    Pushin' Too Hard - Seeds
3    7&7 Is - LOVE
4    Left In Blue - Electric Prunes
5    Circus Freak - Electric Prunes
6    Just Like John Lennon Said - Seeds
7     The Good Humor Man - LOVE
8     Summer of Love - Seeds
9     Reno - LOVE
10   Hideaway - Electric Prunes

CA66 poster