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FEEDBACK is noise and silence in collision. It is the answer and the question bundled up in a tube; proof that someone is out there. It is the sonar ping of the submarine, the locust humming on the lake, vibrating glassware in the cupboard. But wait! Before we go climbing Jacob’s ladder to the tremolo bar we better check our fuzz tone settings. This is rock, it’s not supposed to be pretty or smooth. Thanks to original band mates, James Lowe, Mark Tulin and Ken Williams, the jagged edges abound and anything resembling smooth has been degaussed.



all songs Lowe/Tulin  PruneTwang Music BMI

1) Hello Out There
2) Circus Freak
3) Flying Blind
4) I'll Give You Feedback 
5) Innerlight Transcendence
6) Morphine Drip*
7) Tulip Between The Eyes 
8) African Bees
9) Batch Of Violins
10) Itzomad



James Lowe:  Vocals, Feedback, Harmonica, Percussion
Mark Tulin:  Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Ken Williams: Guitar
Joe Dooley:  Drums 
Harley Feinstein: Drums (Circus Freak, Hello Out There)
Walter Garces: Drums (African Bees, Morphine Drip)
Dan Gerass: Drums (I’ll Give You Feedback)
Ian Van Der Molen: Drums (Tulip Between The Eyes)
Peter Lewis: 12 String Guitar (Innerlight Transcendence)
Jeff Evans: Guitar (Hello Out There, Morphine Drip)
and b.g. vocals (Hello Out There, Morphine Drip)
Ken Eros: Kalimba (African Bees) and b.g. vocals (Hello Out There, Morphine Drip, Batch of Violins)
Barbara "Bandshee" Meeks: b.g. vocals (African Bees)
Pamela Lowe: Buzzing (African Bees)

copyright 2006 PruneTwang Music