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The Sanctions / Jim and The Lords / Then Came The Electric Prunes.

A crude, direct-to-disc record of the beginnings of a garage band. One year and two band names later, the recording of Too Much to Dream (Last Night) charted! Everything has a beginning... here is ours.


Publisher: Heartbeat Productions/Simon Edwards

Patiently recorded by: Russ Bottomley

Band and Tracks List:

The Sanctions (recorded 1965)

1) Boys
2) Long Tall Sally
3) Moon Dog
4) Somethin' Got A Hold On Me
5) Money
6) Love Potion #9
7) Jack The RipperĀ 
8) New Orleans
9) Wha'd I Say
10) Chicago
11) You Can Help Yourself
12) Louie Louie

Jim and the Lords (recorded 1965)

13) Little Olive
14) I'm Free
15) I'm Down

16) Too Many People