Electric Prunes Return to Stockholm Live albun

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Return to Stockholm

16 sizzling cuts, LIVE! The band returns to haunt Stockholm...

We played a live show in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004 that had some interesting characteristics. Most of the songs we played were only played on that night; and it was a return to the place where our 1967 Stockholm live album had been recorded. Ever find an old photo and you discover it has a certain kind of magic? This night was aggressive and more Garage sounding than any other concert we have done. The topper of this recording was Mark Tulin's bass playing that night, down deep and sweet!


Return to Stockholm (Limited Edition)
Live @ Debaser Club Copyright 2012

Set List:
1.  49 Songs
2.  You Never Had It Better
3.  Great Banana Hoax
4.  Big Stick
5.  Rewired
6.  Running With Scissors
7.  Too Much To Dream
8.  I Happen to Love You / Mojo
9.  Wind Up Toys
10. Rosy
11. Tidal Wave
12. World of Darkness
13. I'll Drag You Hone
14. Hideaway
15. Lost Dream
16. Get Me To The World On Time

Drums: Joe Dooley, Lead Guitar/Effects: Steve Kara,
Guitar 2: Jay Dean, Bass: Mark Tulin,
Vocals/Percussion: James Lowe.
Road Manager: Kevin Wallbank.