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Beauty Queen
Like Getting High
The Girl Who Crashed My Dream
Frozen Winter
Between The Cracks
Blue Sky / Red Dress
Love Fade Away
Bullet Thru The Backseat
Adoration Stuck
Hollywood Hype
Don't Sneeze On Me
Oh My My

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Beauty Queen

She was the High School Beauty Queen 
He's just a guy that lived somewhere downstairs
Always around but seldom seen, his fantasies
will live in what is there

Ahhhh Raga Round she was a Beauty Queen

You always say the teen aged thing just so you phase
a little out of time.
Not when you play the drum you stay just on the right side 
of his twisted mind

Ahhh Raga Round  she used to be a Beauty Queen

You're never quite alone, he whispers on the phone
he's walking over here, there's nothing he won't do, 
what can you do, dreams may come true, nightmares too

Ahhhh Raga Round .....

And while she drinks alone at night
He's in the shadows smiling to excite
They always go without a fight he is the one
she'll stalk if he is right 

Ahhhh Raga Round she used to be the Beauty Queen