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WaS album cover

Bullet Thru The Backseat
Lowe/Tulin - PruneTwang Music)

Life is like a circle from your head down to your feet
you just keep goin' round and round, till it's you you meet
then you get there, then you get there

And when your so called friends ignore you
cuz you've sucked up all their pain
they make you drop the hammer and quietly go insane
and when you get there, when you get there

You get a bullet thru the backseat
You get a bullet thru the backseat

I been watchin your sweet little ass cuz I thought you'de
save my life but you turned out like all the rest
spare the butchers knife

Give me a bullet thru the backseat
Give me a bullet thru the backseat

You walk like my friend, you talk like my friend
you take my tea, you break my bread
there's nothing more to say you never could have played it any way
odd to be driving your own death wish

Give me the bullet
Give me the bullet