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Love Fade Away
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Oh My My

WaS album cover

Love Fade Away

Midnight creeping slowly toward the dawn
nothing's turned out right
all my friends are telling me you're gone
I have lost your light

And if I told you that I still loved you
would you promise that you'll stay
but if it turns out, I'm only dreaming
love fade away

Solitary, keeping to myself
no one needs to know
no redemption, I don't want your help
keep your told you so's

And if I asked you would you stand by me
can I believe in what you say
or when it comes down will you be leaving
love fade away

Secret pleasures nowhere to be found
no shelter from the wind
so called friends are hiding underground
as night comes crashing in

And if I trust you to walk beside me
will you help me be OK
or if it's only, wishful thinking
love fade away
I fade away