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Beauty Queen
Like Getting High
The Girl Who Crashed My Dream
Frozen Winter
Between The Cracks
Blue Sky / Red Dress
Love Fade Away
Bullet Thru The Backseat
Adoration Stuck
Hollywood Hype
Don't Sneeze On Me
Oh My My

WaS album cover

Blue Sky / Red Dress

You've been around I can't believe
what the best of young can be
the peace and love are history
now it's you for you and me for me, 


I saw an angel with a purple scarf
you were a killer from the heart to heart
you looked so hot I thought I'd have to leave 
now my heart and soul is pruning tree,


Your eyes disguise your lies
Blue Sky Red Dress,  Blue Sky Red Dress
Blue Sky Red Dress,  Blue Sky Red Dress

The flag has dropped on racing sport 
before I tried to be the saving sort
I feel my share of what's gone down
cuz it's be bop baby and your no where round
be bop baby and you're no where around,