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Like Getting High
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Oh My My

WaS album cover

Like Getting High

Just because I’m here to see you
Doesn’t mean that you’re the one
I will tell you everything you want to hear
But you can bet tomorrow morning we’ll be done

The bleeding scars from long encounters 
Of pain and pleasure truth and light
Just because I’m not the one to kill your pain 
Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come and spend the night 

And if I told you that I loved you 
What difference would it really make
To think that this is  simply sexual is
A big mistake 

And if I said I’ll always feed you
We both know that would be a lie 
But having someone say they need you’s
Like getting high
Like getting high
The silly dream no one’s believing 
Throw shadows down the deepest well
If it’s heaven that you think you’re gonna find
The only way I know is on the road to hell  

Surrender all your inhibitions
For you the sun will never rise
Tonight is all you’ll ever get to think about
And letting go can feel a lot like getting high
Like Getting High, Like Getting High